What To Do With That Leftover Wrapping Paper

There’s an art to buying the right amount of gift wrap supplies every holiday season—but this is difficult to achieve. Use your red-and-green rolls instead of stuffing them in the back of the closet until next year. These are just a few ideas for what to do with that leftover wrapping paper.

Party Confetti

Give your shredder something to do. Fold the gift wrap until you can feed it through, and watch while the paper becomes colorful confetti. It’s a surprisingly therapeutic ritual to close out the season. The confetti comes in handy for New Year’s Day, Mardi Gras, or the next birthday. Metallic paper, in particular, looks great sparkling in the air. Yes, there will be cleanup, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Wall Canvas

Kids are often more likely to play with the box than with the toy it contained. The same goes for wrapping paper. Hang the remainder of a roll on a wall, blank side out, so they can go big with their art. Give them some used bows and gift tags to add three-dimensional interest. This can inspire you to start your own DIY projects with the leftover ribbons.

Framed Art

If the paper is too small to use but too cute to destroy, you can always frame it. Next year, you’ll have a new element for your holiday décor.

Packing Material

There never seems to be enough bubble wrap when you need it. If you need something to do with that leftover wrapping paper, you can shred it for packing material. Use it to store any fragile items or to cushion the packages you send to loved ones. You can also fill gift baskets with the shreds.

Drawer Liners

Depending on the wrap, you can give your drawers an upgrade by lining them with fresh paper. You probably won’t want to see reindeer every time you need flatware, but festive red wrap free of white beards, candy canes, and elves will do the trick. You can also cover jars and cans with paper for stylish storage, perk up the back wall of a bookcase, or line a party tray. Even if it reminds you of Christmas, it doesn’t hurt to have a little of that spirit with you throughout the year.

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