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What To Consider When Installing Warehouse Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are the ideal means to store inventory in a warehouse; they utilize vertical space to make the most out of your facility. But many things can go wrong during installation—problems that can pose an immediate threat to employees working in the same area as these racks and potentially to the warehouse at large. Be aware of what to consider when installing warehouse pallet racks to avoid these situations and construct sturdy and safe shelving.

Does It Have Adequate Load Capacity?

First and foremost, ensure that the pallets you are placing have the strength to support the inventory you plan to store. Pallet racks can have different constructions depending on the stress you intend to subject them to; heavier load capacities require more robust and expensive materials, while lighter capacities don’t need as much reinforcement.

If you need to save on costs, your racking materials are not the place to do it. Calculate the maximum amount of weight you’re likely to place on each rack and order a pallet rack system that can take more than that. Investing in cheaper racks that can’t support your inventory’s weight can lead to a complete system collapse.

Is There Sufficient Flue Space?

Fire is always a concern in a warehouse, and that threat can increase, depending on the types of materials you move through your facility. These fires can start on the shelves of your pallet racks, and flue space will ensure that the smoke has a vertical pathway straight to the sprinkler and alarm system.

Fire suppression can be an issue in warehouses due to rack systems, but knowing the importance of flue space and how to best implement it can save you and your employees from danger. Always have fire hazards in mind when installing your racks to ensure that your shelves won’t hinder a safe and speedy response to danger.

Is There Enough Room to Maneuver?

Whether you need to accommodate foot traffic or forklifts, you’re going to need to make room for everyone to get by. While workers on foot may not pose a risk to your pallet racks, forklifts and other heavy machinery can damage their support structures to the point of failure. Measure your floor space, and place your racks in a way that allows vehicles to pass through safely without hitting anything critical.

Safety Is Your Priority

Your racks make the storage process easier, but it’s your job to make sure that their installation and presence don’t endanger any employees on the floor. Considering the important factors when installing pallet racks will allow you to make the best decisions possible before you construct anything.

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