What To Consider Before Painting Your Car

As with most things, gradual wear and tear on a vehicle can wreak havoc on its exterior aesthetics. It may be time for your car to get a new paint job. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, you should know what to consider before painting your car. Although this is a basic project, it still involves various considerations. You must think about your personal budget, time, and need for the paint job beforehand.


Painting a car is costly. Ask yourself whether it’s worth the investment. If not, reconsider the worthiness of this project. If you feel it’s necessary, go ahead. A new paint job could significantly increase the resale value of your vehicle, especially if there are considerable cosmetic damages you need to fix. You may want to consider a new or exciting color. However, even repainting the base color increases resale value because it makes your vehicle look new and improved.

Paint Type

There are two different types of car paint to consider: waterborne and solvent-based paint. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so you should know the difference. Waterborne paints are the most widely used today. They have an acrylic polyurethane enamel base that is environmentally friendly, has few odors, and possesses bright and shiny colors. It requires less clearcoat than solvent-based alternatives but may necessitate multiple layers. On the other hand, solvent paints are thicker, more durable, and less sensitive to base layers. They also hold up better in humid conditions. Still, solvent paints contain more volatile organic compounds that harm the ozone when released into the atmosphere.


Time is another thing to consider before painting a car. Paint jobs can be time-consuming projects. Even if you’ve determined one is worth the cost, take note of the length and scope of the project overall. Small touch-ups take almost no time. With the right paint code and applicator, you can finish a touch-up job in a few hours or less. If you plan to repaint the entire vehicle, this will take much longer. Full-body paint jobs may take days to complete, so be sure to have a second vehicle ready if you need to go anywhere.

Prep Work

Finally, think about whether you’re doing it yourself. Don’t neglect the amount of prep work involved with a new paint job. It’s probably best to have a shop do it unless you’re confident enough to do it yourself. Either way, painting a car involves a lot. You must prep the area with old newspaper or another form of coverage and put masking tape on the parts you won’t paint. You must also wear PPE to protect yourself against fumes. A professional will remove the vehicle parts you don’t want them to paint. This will enable them to achieve a successful, spotless result.

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