What Makes a Public Park Great?

Parks are an integral part of communities everywhere, especially in urban environments where natural landscapes and vegetation are scarce. Some are better at fulfilling their role as leisure oases than others, however. In order to craft a place that people will easily be able to enjoy, you should think about what makes a public park great and work to include the relevant characteristics in the plans for your construction process.

Easy Accessibility

Prior to starting on the park’s design, you must find a fitting location for it. If the park is too hard to reach for most people, it will go largely unused and all the efforts put into it will be for naught. You should consider what areas of the city many people already travel to and aim to put the park near them. Examples of this could be business or shopping centers. A park may also do well when it borders neighborhoods, since people can walk over from their homes.

An Abundance of Plants

Much of a park’s capacity for providing mental reprieve comes from its abundant plant life. Make sure that you place plants strategically for maximum effect. Large trees will serve to beautify the park and give shade to visitors on sunny days, so you should put them around sections where people can easily rest. At the same time, grass acts as a cushiony surface on which people can run around and play sports. To allow for such activities, set aside clear fields where larger plants don’t interfere. For decorative purposes, shrubs and flowers are useful. Plant them around walkways and seating areas where people will not be blocked by them and can appreciate their appearance.

Comfortable Seating

Having benches will make the area a comfortable place for people to relax, making it an essential part of what makes a public park great. As you design them, think about the overall design style you are trying to create in the park. Your seating fixtures will play a large role in creating the atmosphere, so choose bench materials accordingly. At times, a decorative bench made of metal might be the way to go. Maintaining a more organic look with recycled plastic wood is another option that will also have the added benefit of contributing to the eco-friendliness of the park. In addition, you should keep in mind where you have placed plants like trees and install benches next to them for a natural canopy.

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