What Every New RV Owner Should Know

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As the new owner of an RV, you likely just want to burst forth onto the path of adventure. But first and foremost, you should learn the important details associated with RVing. Here’s what every new RV owner should know.

Researching Campgrounds

It’s infinitely frustrating to finally reach your destination campsite only to find that you can’t park there for the night. While you’re planning the trip, research the possible campgrounds you might stay at. Figure out if your RV’s size is allowed at a site, what amenities the site offers, and at what times you must arrive and depart. It’s also a good idea to reserve a spot early, as people may book a stay at a campground months or even a year ahead.

Packing Efficiently

A common dilemma of most first-time RVers is what and how to pack. You need to find a balance between bringing along everything that you need and keeping your RV light and uncluttered. Fortunately, many experienced RVers have shared their knowledge online about what they believe are the essentials. Though there may be some variation between people, certain items for RV upkeep—such as water tank hoses, a toolbox, and wheel chocks—are pretty much universal. When it comes to personal items, weigh the difference between a need and a want. For example, you might want to bring along a whole kitchen pan set, but you can probably live comfortably with just a couple pans—one large and one small.

Taking Care of Water Tanks

Your water tanks are an indispensable part of your RV. They supply you with fresh running water and hold wastewater after you’ve used it. You should, therefore, be well acquainted with their maximum holding capacities, fill the freshwater tank adequately before a trip, and empty your gray and black water tanks whenever possible. Keep each tank clean by using the appropriate chemicals for the grey and black tanks and a combination of bleach and water for the freshwater tank. If you live somewhere cold or are traveling to an area with low temperatures, you should utilize an RV holding tank heater on your water tanks. These devices regulate the tanks’ internal temperatures to prevent their contents from freezing, which would render them useless.

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