What Employers Should Know About the Hiring Process

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As a business owner, you and your leadership team will go through the hiring process quite often. How do you ensure that your new employees are the right fit for your company? Hire smart as you remember what employers should know about the hiring process.

Write an Effective Job Description

Be clear about your expectations for the role. Spare no details! Save time and effort by only interviewing candidates who can fulfill what you expect of them. When a candidate attends an interview with you, they should know what they’re in for if they get the job. Do you need somebody that can lift 30-pound boxes on a regular basis? Are you looking for someone proficient in Microsoft Office? Make all your requirements clear in the job description, including whether or not you will perform a background check.

Read Through Resumes

If you’ve written a killer job description, you’ll probably find yourself wading through a large pool of applicants. Now, it’s time for you and your team to go through them one by one. Many online job boards offer a convenient “Apply Now” button so applicants can send you their résumé with a single click. However, if an applicant has attached a CV or cover letter, it shows extra effort—a willingness to go above and beyond expectations.

Start With a Phone Screen

Before you begin bringing candidates into the office, give them a quick call to get to know them. “Tell me about yourself” is a classic opener. Let them talk! Find out what drew them to your job listing and what they love about your company. When you decide who to bring in for a second interview, choose only the candidates who are passionate about the position and confident in their skills.

Conduct Face-to-Face Interviews

You’ve already taken two steps to narrow down that applicant pool. Let all rejected applicants know that you’re not moving forward with them. Now, it’s time for the most famous part of the process: an in-person chat with the most qualified candidates. Discuss the position with each candidate in more depth and review their résumé with them to get a feel for their strongest skill sets.

Perform Background Checks

Once you’ve selected the candidate or candidates you want to hire, look into their background and check for any criminal history. (If and when you choose to do so, make sure each applicant is aware of this requirement.) If you perform a drug screen or test, collect that sample as soon as possible to ensure accurate results.

When you go through the hiring process, follow these crucial steps and you’ll find yourself with a plethora of qualified applicants to choose from. These tips and more are what employers should know about the hiring process; implement them today.

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