West Carroll honors seniors

Senior football players, cheerleaders, band members, and cross country runners at West Carroll High School and their parents were recognized during ceremonies prior to Thursday night’s game in Atwood.

These seniors and their parents include:


•Dakota Saunders, son of Bethany Fowler and the late Joseph Fowler.

•Jack Barrow, son of Reece and Susan Barrow.

•Dylon Cox, son of J.M. Cox.

•Grant Green, son of Susan Green, Steve and Beverly Carnal.

•Deven Rader, son of Nancy Rader, Jayden Rader and Tim Rader.

•Tylor Smith, son of Brandon and Kimberly Smith.

•Jesse Mounts, son of Lorrie Crowe.

•Kaleb-Brittain, son of Jeff and Gina Brittain.

•Cody Wildridge, son of Rodney and Gina Wildridge and Christy Douglas.

•Nicholas Blankenship, son of Brad and Beth Blankenship.

•Jacob Blankenship, son of Brad and Beth Blankenship.

•Ashley Hughes, son of Michael and Beverly Hughes.


•Alyssa Kerby, daughter of Dana Anderson.

•Virginia Knott, daughter of Rebecca Chandler, sister of R.J. Knott.

•Alyssa Butler, daughter of Craig and Lori Butler.

•Kassidy Simmons, daughter of Marty and April Simmons.


•Kaitlyn Price, daughter of Billy Wolf and Lisa Price, escorted by Brianna Arnett.

•Kiasia Barber, daughter of Marty Barber and Dameon Melton.

•Lillian Neel, daughter of Sally Neel.

•Emily Ramlow, daughter of Gail Ramlow.

•Lainee Hawkins, daughter of Bart and Janet Hawkins.

•Thalia Townsend, daughter of Troy and Michelle Larson.

Cross Country

•Wade Smith, son of Albert Smith.

•Jaycan Martin, son of Jason and Daralyn Martin.

•Clark Bradley, son of Jeremy and Andrea Bradley.

•Noelle Roberts, daughter of Mitch and Aprille Roberts.

•Edward Humphries, son of Adam Douglas.

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