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  • Webb Alumni Hosting the 50th Year Legacy Drive-By for Souvenir Book Saturday

Webb Alumni Hosting the 50th Year Legacy Drive-By for Souvenir Book Saturday

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The Webb Alumni Association will celebrate with a 50-year Legacy Drive-By Parade on Saturday, Sept. 5 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., according to National President Neal D. Williamson.

The Association’s prepaid Souvenir books (one of the organization’s major fundraisers), will be distributed during the drive-by and will be mailed to persons unable to drive by. These books are available for a $20 donation. The Association greatly appreciates contributors who placed ads in the Legacy Souvenir books.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced the cancellation of the 50th General Assembly in April and the three-day Homecoming Celebration and Fundraiser in September, but not the historical souvenir book. The Association is extending a special invitation to members, family, friends, churches and the community to celebrate this phenomenal year by participating in the drive-by.

The first National Reunion met on Labor Day, Sept. 4, 1970. Acting General Chairman Roscoe McKenzie became the first National President, an office he held for 22 years. The group organized a General Assembly, wrote and adopted a National Constitution for the organization, obtained a charter from the state of Indiana on August 28, 1972 and later securing a Certificate of Authorization from the Secretary of the State in Tennessee which registered the organization to do business in the state of Tennessee.

Any questions concerning the souvenir books can be directed to Priscilla Williamson at 731-418-1121 (cell) or 731-669-3418 (home).

“We thank everyone for your loyal support of our 50th year annual homecoming,” said Williamson. “You may contact me with any questions or concerns at 731-669-3418 (home) or 731-535-0969. May God continue to bless us as we keep following Him.”

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