We need to do what’s best

Dear Editor,

 “Who knows if you have come to the Kingdom for such a reason as this?”, Mordecai asked his cousin, Esther.

Those who read their Bibles know of this legendary favorite, and that Esther went on to persuade the king to save tens of thousands of her kinspeople. And much like Esther we are seeing tens of thousands of our citizens- some family, some friends and acquaintances, potentially fall victim to this horrendous virus. But most are just names and numbers on a national registry.

But quite unlike Esther, we are probably not going to have an opportunity to save tens of thousands of lives, or even a few dozen, for that matter. But what if, by doing one simple thing like wearing a face mask, we could save one? Or maybe keep one from getting sick?

I’ve heard the arguments about our first amendment rights, but in this case, the better good of the public trumps my complaints of not wanting to be told what to do. Freedom of speech doesn’t allow us to yell fire in a crowded theater (see Supreme Court: Schenck vs US; Oliver Wendell Holmes).

And besides, that’s kind of a childish way of thinking. Let’s grow up and do what is right; we’re Americans.

Tony N. Boyd    

Henry, Tn 38231

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