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Ways You’re Damaging Your Phone Without Realizing It

If you can’t live without your phone, why are you doing things that can kill it? Sometimes, our phones become an extension of ourselves, and we forget they’re prone to damage in certain situations and environments that we otherwise wouldn’t give a second thought. From impact damage to moisture to electromagnetic interference, the world is out to get your phone—don’t let it! Here are just a few ways you’re damaging your phone without realizing it.


Clearly, the easiest and most common way to damage your phone is to expose it to any high-impact event. It’s more a matter of when, not if, you’ll drop your phone, so ensure it’s protected with a shockproof phone case. For an extra layer of protection and to keep the glass from shattering, pick up a screen protector as well. But sometimes, dropping isn’t the biggest threat—sitting down is. Don’t carry your phone in your back pocket. Out of sight can mean out of mind, and you might end up forgetting it’s there, sitting down, and subsequently crunching your device. Also, don’t place your phone face down; you’re liable to scratch the screen.


Obviously, don’t go swimming with your phone in your pocket. More generally, keep your phone from getting wet in any way. Avoid keeping it near beverages and other liquid sources that can spill and bring damage. Don’t bring it too close to the pool or beach, but if you insist on doing so, buy a waterproof phone case and keep it in a sealable baggie or another receptacle. Don’t use your phone outdoors in muggy or rainy weather. And never use liquid cleaners to keep the screen clear, either. They can damage it and even seep into the phone.


Electricity affects your phone in multiple ways. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from other electric and electronic devices, as well as natural occurrences like lightning and the sun, can interfere with signals and data in your phone. Fortunately, your phone provides a measure of protection from EMI. Though it’s uncommon, if your phone is plugged directly into the wall outlet rather than a surge protector, you run the risk of frying it during a lightning storm or similar power surge. As a side note, be careful how you handle or plug in your charger. Too much force or accidentally stepping on it when it’s unplugged and shoving it into the port can cause internal damage to the phone.

Failure To Update the System

One of the biggest ways you’re damaging your phone without realizing it is by neglecting its inner workings. Regularly upgrade your operating system (OS) whenever the company that made your phone sends out an update or patch. These are sent out to fight the latest malware and viruses and plug up any “holes” in security that hackers can exploit. You can also keep your phone safe by not opening suspicious attachments in emails and texts and being sure you’re only downloading apps that have been screened and cleared by your phone’s manufacturer. Be smart!

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