Ways To Prevent Accidents While Offshore Drilling

Even under the best conditions, working on an offshore drilling rig is dangerous for the workers, sea life, and coastal populations. How can oil companies take precautions to avoid spills and other unexpected situations? Installing proper monitoring equipment like oil and gas flow meters can detect abnormalities in pressure that can alert the crew to malfunctioning equipment.

But most of the emphasis on oil rig safety falls on the crew’s shoulders by undergoing proper training and sticking to safety protocols. Explore the ways to prevent accidents while offshore drilling to keep everyone working and living nearby safe.

Mandatory Orientation

Every new employee, including staff and contractors that transferred from other rigs, should receive a mandatory orientation on their first day on the site. Orientations helps new employees become immediately familiar with operational policies, safety protocol, and expectations, creating a safer work environment.

Consistent Training

Training for every new staff member should be consistent, and an ongoing process the first few days they are on the rig. It should include how to operate equipment properly and safety procedures. Taking these steps seriously will reinforce that the work site makes safety a priority.

Wear PPE

Oil spills aren’t the only accidents that can happen. Your crew should always wear their required personal protective equipment when it’s necessitated, like safety glasses, hard hats, steel-toed boots, and fire-resistant clothing. Having a no-tolerance policy can add another layer of guarantee that protects your employees.

Create a Positive Reporting Process

Your staff should feel like they’re able to discuss concerns and report problems to management without being hesitant about possible repercussions. Reacting positively to employees reporting hazards, even if it results in work stoppage, should be something that upper management encourages.

Your crew is your eyes and ears. Without their assistance, the ways to prevent accidents while offshore drilling isn’t possible. Training your crew on safety protocols and then listening to any reports of malfunctioning equipment or other issues should be the number one priority to keeping them safe.

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