Ways To Make the Composting Process Faster

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Whether you’re new to the world of commercial composting or you’ve been doing it for years, you can always learn to work more efficiently. We’ve compiled a list of clever tips and tricks to get you planting more quickly—here are some ways to make the composting process faster.

Add Old Compost

If you have some leftover compost from your last batch, you’re in luck. Because the composting process results from bacteria and fungus in the soil, adding your old compost is a great way to ensure those helpful microorganisms will be in your new batch to get the process started the right way.

Utilize Inoculants

Another way to introduce beneficial microbes and bacteria is through the use of compost inoculants. Inoculants boost the health of your soil and provide nutrient sustainment, even after the composting process has finished. Additionally, inoculants mitigate nasty smells in your compost pile by more effectively breaking down organic matter.

Increase Compost Volume

The smaller your compost pile, the more the environment will be able to cool down the contents. Increasing the volume of your compost is a great way to speed up the process, with the added benefit of a greater compost yield.

Turn Your Compost

It’s extremely important that you turn your compost. Introducing more oxygen to your compost is essential in the composting process. Turning your compost also mitigates problems that come from an overabundance of moisture, as the aeration reduces humidity to the pile.

As with inoculants, turning your compost can also reduce odors, as bad smells typically come from your pile’s brown and green parts not being properly mixed.

With these ways to make the composting process faster, you’ll have usable compost much more quickly, so you can start planting and seeing the benefits of nutrient-rich soil. Making your operation more efficient will lead to faster harvesting times, too!

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