Ways Communities Can Reduce Pollution and Traffic

Ways Communities Can Reduce Pollution and Traffic

Cars make life easier overall, but they also make it more difficult in many ways, whether through their noxious emissions, use of natural and unsustainable resources, or the simple fact that they take up space and tie up traffic. But there are ways to improve car travel for the good of everyone. Here are a few ways communities can reduce pollution and traffic.

Make More Journeys Walkable and Bike-worthy

Requiring a mile or more of driving to purchase the necessities of life puts an unnecessary number of cars on the road. Local communities should explore alternatives by providing new shopping opportunities, including short-term markets and the like, that people can reach by walking or bike riding. Walking and biking also provide a pleasant alternative to boring roadways.

New Parking Solutions

Here’s one of the most significant ways communities can reduce pollution and traffic. Street parking takes up space and chokes off roadways, leading to jams and increased emissions. Communities can keep traffic down, especially in city centers, by making main thoroughfares no parking zones. They should offer parking alternatives, but without resorting to unimaginative parking setups like lots and garages. These take up valuable space, concentrate emissions, and increase the risk of collisions. Automated facilities and those equipped with parking lifts put more cars in a smaller space.

Lead by Example

Local government officials should commit to greener measures overall. They can implement public works and maintenance without using gas or electric-powered tools and equipment. Cars that officials and government employees use should undergo regular maintenance to ensure they’re running cleanly, with an eventual goal of converting to hybrid or electric vehicles.

Encourage Innovation

Someone in the community might be sitting on a new idea or innovation that could change everything. Encourage the citizens in your town to contribute new ideas about cleaning up the community, reducing emissions overall, and keeping the streets clear and uncluttered. Reward ideas that demonstrate measurable reductions in pollution and spread these ideas to surrounding communities. Always encourage people to make suggestions and work to inspire a cleaner and more efficient community overall.

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