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Watershed Authority hears about lake stilt issue

After approving two boat dock requests, Carroll County Watershed Authority board members heard a presentation by Walter Reaster who resides at the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake.

Reaster, who appears periodically before the Authority about situations at the lake, addressed the members about stilt and algae that he believes is filling up the lake at the Feb. 23 meeting.

“It concerns me,” he said. “It’s a nutrient loaded event. It’s generally caused by animal waste and we need to find out what is causing it.”

Reaster said a sample of the water needs to be taken following a rain.

A 45-member group of residents who live at the lake has been formed. Other members of the group that were present at the meeting included Henry Simpson, Rick Jahnke and Todd Simpson.

Board member Dale Kelley said the Watershed Authority would check with the state Dept. of Environment and Conservation’s Environmental Field Officer Greg Overstreet  who is with the Division of Water Resource about the testing.

Boat dock requests approved included: Chip and Karen Anderson at 271 and 293 Natures Trail, Edgewater Estates, Lot 12 and 13, and Matthew Bird, Sportsmans Cove, M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC, Lot 16.

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