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Watershed Authority awards bid for concession stand operation

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Members of the Carroll County Watershed Authority approved the concessionaire contract with Tina Shands doing business as the Sunset Grill for the operation and management of the concessions for this summer season during the March 23 meeting

Several other agenda items were approved with also a couple of members of the Lake Homeowners Group speaking about the rules of the lake they would like to see enforced.

The days and hours for the Sunset Grill will be Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. All holidays that are not on a regular business day the hours will be 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. However, hours of operation may be changed due to customer sales. The contractor will provide service on other day upon determine there are sufficient patrons to support the business. The exact opening date this year has not been revealed.

Five percent of the sales not to exceed over $500 per month will go to the Watershed Authority.

Shands will be responsible for the operation and management of the concession area including the purchasing and stocking of all items needed to operate the grill. She is to keep the concession area including the kitchen and picnic area clean and sanitary at all times. The hiring and paying of employees including the electronic federal tax payments will be her responsibility plus providing proper food training for employees. Obtaining and providing proof of proper health certificates and business licenses must be done by the operator.

Three boat dock requests were approved.

Thomas C. Smith asks permission to build a dock at Southern Shores Lot 107. Lannie and Regina Bradley wanted to construct a dock at Sportsman Cove, M & M Lakeside Properties, Lot 20 and Wes and Kelli Bradley requested permission to build one at 395 Sportsman Cove, M & M Lakeside Properties, Lot 19.

Lake Manager David Rush had advised that all three requests met regulations.

An agreement for the 2021 audit contract was entered into with Alexander, Thompson, Arnold PLLC (ATA). The contract amount is $6,900 plus an additional fee of $3,750 in the event that an audit in accordance with the Uniform Guidance is deemed necessary.The base amount is approximately $180 greater than the prior year’s base audit amount.

A resolution passed that authorizes completing a master agreement with Sourcewell  through a past LPRF grant that will allow for the purchasing of a pavilion and benches at the RV park site. Watershed Board chairman Natalie Porter is authorized to execute all documents pertaining to the purchases.

Reaster, who is a member of the Lake Homeowners Group, told Watershed Authority Board members that rules they have in place are not being followed by the public.

Boat speeding on the lake has become a real problem, he says, and is getting worse.

The ones doing it have the belief that nothing can be done about it.

’”There ought to be someone that could be talked to about it,” he said. “A solution needs to be found.”

Reaster said an ordinance could be passed and the lake turned over to the state with rules that could be enforced.

Watershed Authority board member Dale Kelley said the Watershed Authority is an agency of the state.

“The sheriff has the authority of enforcement but the Authority receives no response from the sheriff,” said Kelley.

Rick Jahnke, who lives on Reedy Creek Rd. near the lake said people swim, fish and boat on the dead end roads which is illegal. He said he had seen six or seven cars and four-wheelers at one time at some of these places.

He described litter as a problem from these social gatherings.

“There are no trash cans so I pick it up myself,” he said. “There are ‘no trash’ signs up on the roads and the sheriff says he can’t enforce it without signs.”

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