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UT Martin names Chancellor’s Honor Roll list

The outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee at Martin have been honored with publication of the Fall 2020 Chancellor’s Honor Rolls for the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, College of Business and Global Affairs, College of Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

To be eligible for the Chancellor’s Honor Roll recognition at UT Martin, a student must take at least 12 hours of credit (pass-fail courses are not included) and achieve a 3.2 (B) grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.  Students can make the Chancellor’s Honor Roll with honors (3.2 through 3.49), high honors (3.5 through 3.79) or highest honors (3.8 through 4.0).

Atwood – Lauren J. Martin, Honors; Haley M. Stout, High Honors; Caitlin S. Wade, Highest Honors.

  • Bruceton – Maranda N. Cawthon, High Honors; Marissa N. Cawthon, High Honors; Anna M. Hopper,Highest Honors; Jared A. Jordan, Highest Honors; Matthew R. Katzmarek, High Honors; Cody J. Knuutila, Honors; Olivia B. Lowry, High Honors; Tyler C. Wilson, High Honors; Tristan S. Wynn, Honors.
  • Buena Vista – Garrett T. Graves, High Honors.
  • Cedar Grove –Noah W. Rogers, Highest Honors; Mckayla B. Vaughn, Honors; Christopher W. Wood, High Honors.
  • Hollow Rock – Autumn H. Blankenship, Honors; Kaitlyn E. French, Honors; Channa L. Ragsdale, Highest Honors; Rachel A. Smith, Honors; Riley P. Walker, Highest Honors; Ana-Kate M. Welsh, Highest Honors; Hannah E. Work, High Honors.
  • Huntingdon – Madison G. Angelos, Honors; Jessica J. Berry, Highest Honors; Trent J. Boyd, Honors; Anna E. Burden, Highest Honors; Kody L. Byrd, Honors; Layla D.  Byrum, Highest Honors; Morgan E. Cagle, Highest Honors; Brayden A. Campbell, Honors; Emily D. Coleman, High Honors; Payton E. Connell, High Honors; Amy R. Craig, High Honors; Grant J. Davis, Highest Honors; Carson E. Ensley, Highest Honors; Kaci L. Fuller, High Honors; Dylan W. Hicks, Highest Honors; Brett D. Huss, Highest Honors; Skyler D. Kirkland, Highest Honors; Caitlin E. Kreuziger, High Honors; Haidyn B. McLemore, Highest Honors; Joseph T. Richardson, Highest Honors; Abby L. Stokes, Highest Honors; Wyatt C. Stokes, Honors; Molly B. Sturgis, High Honors; Lillian K. Taylor, Honors; Deja H. Williams, Highest Honors; Katilyn E. Williams, Highest Honors; Lexie G. Williams, Honors; Ashlyn H. Yarbrough, High Honors.
  • Lavinia – Dalton R. Hibner, High Honors; Laura E. Millsaps, Highest Honors; Trisha D. Ward, Highest Honors; Anna N. Woodall, Honors.
  • McKenzie – Madison G. Barker, High Honors; Emily A. Bolin, Highest Honors; Mikayla E. Boucher, Highest Honors; Molly K. Boucher, Highest Honors; Olivia B. Bowden, High Honors; Lori Brown, Highest Honors; Nathan S. Brown, High Honors; Brian W. Cook, Honors; Leah B. Cox, Highest Honors; Pedro Flores Rodriguez, Honors; Angel R. Flores, High Honors; Madison B. Fuzzell, High Honors; Nikolas A. Heath, Highest Honors; Braxton D. Hobson, Honors; Hannah S. Hopkins, High Honors; Evan B. Jarrett, High Honors; Ashton D. Marr, Honors; Austin J. Maxwell, Honors; Jordyn P. Millsap, High Honors; Mitchell L. Moore, Highest Honors; Sydney G. Pate, Highest Honors; Logan C. Payne, Honors; Jessica L. Pence, Highest Honors; Maycie M. Rollins, High Honors; Zack D. Sadler, Honors; Hannah E. Singleton, High Honors; Morgan R. Spring, Highest Honors; Molley K. Tippitt, Highest Honors; Braulio Vega, Highest Honors; Eduardo Vega, Highest Honors; Audrie N. Washburn, High Honors; Chloe J. Williams, Honors; Amber E. Wright, Honors; Grace J. Zheng, High Honors.
  • Trezevant – Lindsey L. Baker, High Honors; Caitlin B. Giles, High Honorss.
  • Yuma – Harley E. Gossett, High Honors; Mikayla R. Peterson, Highest Honors; Kennedy A. Pritchard, Honors; Sophia J. Sacilowski, Honors.

 UT Martin is a comprehensive regional institution in the University of Tennessee System offering 18 bachelor’s degree programs and five master’s degree programs.

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