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David Coy

With the goal to encourage us all that we are better than we believe and stronger than we think last week we discussed that we can succeed in spite of our losses in our personal lives. We briefly mentioned that there was plenty of sorrow in the world if we chose to place most of our attention on the negative primarily. This week a report about one of those continual sorrows in our world that we only receive tidbits of truth came to further revelation. The death of our loved ones and friends is always an extreme heartache. Most of the time their loss is of natural circumstances. When we learn of unnatural causes our grief is magnified and grows many times over. Especially when we learn of the reality where innocent people; women, men, and children become victims of violent evil acts of aggression. The bombing of schools and hospitals is beyond inexcusable and horrific, and yet this is just one example of horror that we may learn from people who have experienced violent acts firsthand or witnessed the after effects of such a grisly deeds.

On the bright side, some people who live in the area where these atrocities have taken place have not given up hope for a brighter future in spite of the widespread horror taking place around them. They have reported losing every material possession they previously owned except what could fit in a backpack. Through all of this loss they continued to possess a positive outlook and hope for their future. Quite amazing when you think about it. As we contemplate all that we have been blessed with here in this country in spite of all our legit complaints, our circumstances could be so much worse. They may yet be. Now go out and make a positive difference around you. If we may be we are at your service. ~David

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