Unique Ways to Make Your Home More Cohesive

While separate rooms within a home serve different purposes, they all share one roof. Having division in your home is important to create some sense of what room is for what purpose. However, having small elements that call back to other rooms throughout the home can lend to a cohesive environment. Cohesion in a home makes transitions between rooms smooth and establishes a common theme throughout the household. Check out this guide of unique ways to make your home more cohesive using subtle hints.

Choose a similar style for all your rooms that feature tile

Throughout your home, there are different rooms where tile is featured. One way to create subtle cohesion in your house is to use the same tile in for the kitchen backsplash as you use for your bathroom shower or wall. It’s also great to incorporate this into your entryway or hallways throughout the house. For example, if you use a unique tile, such as a bright fish scale tile as a kitchen backsplash, you can also use it to line your shower walls. This way, even if the kitchen and bathroom aren’t connected, they will feel like they belong under the same roof.

Repeat patterns in your accessories and accent pieces

Choose a pattern you really like and find small ways to work it in throughout your house. A great example of this is with a chevron pattern. Incorporating chevron-patterned throw pillows into your living room, a chevron rug in your entryway, and a chevron throw blanket on the master bed creates cohesion in each room. The chevron-patterned items don’t even need to be similar colors; the common pattern is enough to make your home feel like a solidified unit.

Choose a style of furniture

Choose a central furniture style and keep it consistent throughout your home. Small things make a huge difference when it comes to a cohesive living space. Try to match your wood colors, even in different rooms, and keep your furniture within the same style family. For example, if you prefer a mid-century modern aesthetic, try to keep all your main furniture pieces in line with this theme. A home with one theme always has excellent flow.

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