Unique Touches That Add Personality To Your Home

Your home might be free of glaring decorating mistakes that detract from it, but you may still feel dissatisfied with it because it feels a bit uninteresting. If this accurately describes your current situation, it’s time to make some changes. Refine your living space by applying these unique touches that add personality to your home.

Incorporate Vintage Pieces

Part of the problem you are facing may arise from an over-reliance on modern, mass-produced furniture. These kinds of pieces are often easy to bring into a room due to their simplicity and muted colors. However, these pieces tend not to have any elements that set them apart from other options on the market, leaving your home looking generic. Instead, once you’ve built a solid foundation in terms of décor, don’t be afraid of incorporating a few vintage pieces here and there. Whether you find them at a flea market or receive them from family or friends, these furnishings will instantly contribute character to your rooms. They have this effect because they often possess distinctive detailing and are rarer than your average piece.

Put up Interesting Artwork

Keeping your home free of artwork is a surefire way to give it a boring atmosphere. Enliven your rooms by putting up art that both complements your existing furniture and draws the eye. The specifics are up to your individual style, though. You might go with a print or painting that covers up a large portion of a wall or hang multiple pieces together in an eclectic mix. The subject of the artwork can also vary. You may want something abstract, or you may prefer a clear depiction of a landscape scene. It is your choice here that will make for a unique touch that adds personality to your home.

Use Wallpaper

Paint can radically change your wall’s appearance, but you can inject an even greater degree of character into your home décor by using wallpaper. In addition to a wide selection of colors, wallpaper allows you to adorn your walls in patterns and textures that are more stimulating than solid hues. Some wallpaper styles have bright images of different flora and fauna, while others show human-made objects and structures, as well as people themselves. For the contemporary-minded individuals, some wallpapers cover your walls in orderly and symmetrical shapes. You can also obtain wallpaper that shows weaving patterns or that possesses rough surfaces akin to natural materials. Reflect on your home’s design, and use this to choose the perfect wallpaper.

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