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Understanding Where and When To Use Shielded Cables

Understanding Where and When To Use Shielded Cables

Ethernet can be complicated if not organized correctly, so most service providers do their best to keep things up to code. In most cases, electrical interference can happen through internet connections when there is a lot of radio traffic. This interference could be caused by living in a highly trafficked area, like a big city. Living in a rural area doesn’t necessarily require shielded cables. Here is a quick overview to help you understand where and when to use shielded cables so that you’ll know how to navigate them when setting up internet connections at home and abroad.

Industrial Sites

It’s typical for industrial sites to produce a lot of noise and vibration. This noise can rattle your Ethernet connection with never-ending waves. This constant static will never end well, which means your connection will always remain hazy. In these circumstances, you’ll need a shielded cable. Oftentimes, walkie-talkie and intercom systems that run on radio frequencies are used at industrial sites, and they can affect internet connectivity.


Whenever you’re at an airport, you are at a hub for radio waves. The levels of noise that travel through airports are insane, with loud aircraft coming in and leaving constantly. The pilots use radio intercom systems to communicate with air traffic control (ATC). These are all huge indicators that you’ll need a heavily shielded Ethernet cable to maintain a strong connection in these places.

Radio Stations

Radio stations are at the heart of crosstalk. Where there is radio frequency, there will be radio crosstalk, which is the sole reason for shielded connections. Because radio stations rely heavily on the radio signal more than other forms of communication, the internet is a valuable asset for radio shows and resourcing information. If you’re trying to determine which to choose between shielded vs. unshielded cables and you have areas with high traffic, there’s only one clear choice: Shielded is the way to go.

Now that you know the difference between areas with high volumes of interference and areas without, you can determine whether shielded cables are the best choice. Understanding when and where to use shielded cables is important to properly set up your Ethernet.

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