Types of Equipment You Need on Your Farm

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Farms serve a vital role within society, especially when the demand for food only seems to be rising. Because of this, farms have long been the subject of innovation and improvement to make the process more efficient, effective, and less back-breaking for the farmers who run them. If you’re getting started with a farm of your own, here are a few types of equipment you need on your farm to keep it running smoothly.

Vehicle Necessities

To transport equipment, tools, and items like fertilizer, you’ll need to have a few different vehicles at your disposal. To start, the most basic and essential of farm vehicles is a pick-up truck. Built for hauling, these trucks are effective at transporting supplies and equipment while still being practical enough for everyday life. If the bed of the pick-up doesn’t provide enough space, these trucks can easily carry a trailer around with it.

Second, you’ll need something to get around your property. Many farmers have opted for ATVs with trailers in the past, but a more elegant solution is a utility vehicle, or UTV. If you’re not familiar, they’re kind of like if you combined a pick-up truck with a golf cart – a small off-road vehicle with a bed to move supplies.

Livestock Necessities

If your farm features or specializes in livestock, then the health and care of your animals should be your priority. For example, it may seem easier to just place food on the ground for cattle and other animals to eat, but that’s an easy way for disease and other contaminants to get into their food. Instead, you’ll want to acquire livestock feeders that provide your animals a safe and easy place to eat.

Providing your livestock enough land to graze in is critical, but you also want to make sure they don’t wander off your property. While a bit of a bigger investment, cattle guards are so hopeful in keeping your cattle corralled while allowing you to easily come and go as you please.

Your animals can’t be left out in the fields forever, though. Providing shelter for your livestock will keep them protected from the elements. You needn’t build a massive barn, however, as there are plenty of portable shelters available to house your livestock.

Crop Necessities

For more traditional farms that grow crops, some types of equipment you’ll need on your farm include fertilizer spreaders, balers, and – the most iconic staple of any farm – the tractor. None of this may seem peculiar in comparison to the modern innovations of livestock farms, but that’s because the innovations are a bit more subtle. Modern fertilizers have made crops bigger and healthier than ever before, and attentive application will ensure that every harvest is bountiful.

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