TWRA employees hired for lake

Dear Editor,

The three TWRA employees have been hired for Lake Halford.

They are:

Wildlife Manager 2 – Jacob Headrick

Wildlife Technician 1 – Jeremy Gooch

Wildlife Technician 1 – Hunter Brown

Jacob Headrick – Wildlife Manager 2 – formerly occupied a technician position with the Cronic Wasting Disease crew.  He started his career with the Humboldt hatchery crew.  Jacob will be responsible for Lake Halford management and everything associated with that position.  This will include grounds maintenance, fish sampling, fish habitat management, facility maintenance/upkeep. Will also include project  planning and development of Lake Halford.  Jacob will also be responsible for making recommendations regarding the operation of Lake Halford and recommendation regarding the fisheries at Lake Halford.  Jacob is energetic and motivated to make Lake Halford a facility visitors want to visit.

 Jeremy Gooch and Hunter Brown – Wildlife Technician 1.  Jeremy transferred from the Tennessee Division of Forestry and Hunter will graduate with a BS degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Tennessee, Martin.  Both individuals will be heavily involved with grounds maintenance, construction of needed facilities, fish sampling, fish habitat improvements, water quality monitoring, and general upkeep of Lake Halford.  Both individuals are knowledgeable, highly motivated and experienced with facility management.

 All three individuals live within 20 minutes of the lake and will be vital to making Lake Halford a quality recreation area with a family atmosphere.

Tim Broadbent

TWRA Fisheries Biologist

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