Two longtime Carroll County Electric employees say goodbye

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Hilda Wallace and Marsha Mash retire



Two longtime employees of Carroll County Electric are retiring after a combined service of eight-two and a half years. Hilda Wallace and Marsha Mash were praised by manager Ryan Drewry for their efforts for the company’s customers.

Hiilda has worked 49 years and Marsha has been an employee for 33 and a half years.

Drewry pointed out that Hilda is the longest tenured employee that Carroll County Electric has ever had.

“There’s nobody here that knows more about Carroll County Electric than Hilda,” said Drewry. 

He gave credit to Marsha for his being where he is today as manager of the company.

A special thanks to her,” he said.

Marsha said she was thankful that she had worked with all the Carroll County Electric employees.

“I will treasure your friendships forever,” she said.

Members of their families were present for the occasion.

Hilda said it’s never been about coming to a job but to a big family.

Drewry presented each one a plaque with their years of service engraved on it. Each one received a bracelet. Employees Mark Simpson and Logan Mitchell presented  each a copper wire wall hanging that Logan designed. 

After prayer by Michael Butler, the employees enjoyed a meal of barbecue with all the trimmings plus cake and ice cream.

As the employees departed,they wished Hilda and Marsha a happy retirement.

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