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Tribute to Leva Margarete Thompson Mitchell 1926-2020

Margie was the epitome of a true southern lady. She was gentle, kind, considerate, loving, and thoughtful.
Everyone who knew Margie loved her and I feel confident anyone who knew her can attest to that.
Leva Margarete Thompson was born April 2, 1926 as an only child to proud parents Walter & Cynthia
(Smith) Thompson. I am certain that Margie was the oldest person living in Bruceton that was born in
Margie, the same as most of the Bruceton kids growing up in the 30’s were poor, but we didn’t know it.
She was very much loved by her doting parents and grandparents the Isiah Smiths. I can remember seeing
Mr. Isiah and Mrs. Margarete pass our house walking on their way to town with his long, long beard and
cane. He was a stocky short gentleman and her grandmother always had a black umbrella over her head in
hot weather.
Margie was also Joe Mitchell’s pride and joy when she became his dutiful, loving, faithful, and caring
wife on December 31, 1975. They waited many years to marry, choosing not to burden the other with the
responsibility of caring for their respective parents. What a beautiful sacrifice on both of their parts and
certainly attests to their character. After marriage, their lives were so intertwined that with Joe’s passing,
Margie could not bear living alone.
In October 2015, she moved to Lakeside, a senior living facility, and was 100% content and happy there.
She loved it at Lakeside and Lakeside management and residents loved her. She participated in all the
activities and looked forward to every day. In August 2018, being, almost suddenly, wheelchair bound,
she came to Lifecare and again became totally adjusted and fit right in, never missing any activity that
was offered. Again, she was a favorite of the management and residents and was crowned facility Queen
in February 2019. She knew many of the residents having worked with them at HIS where she worked for
43 years. Many of the visitors coming to Lifecare were either Bruceton residents or also had worked at
HIS. Margie and I delighted in telling the younger folks that she and I attended grade school in a building
setting on the location where Lifecare now sets. JUST AN EXTRA NOTE! After 43 years at HIS, she
received a monthly retirement check of $99.00. Can You Believe That?
There is so much more that could be said or written about Margie. How for every day, for years, she
walked miles and miles over Bruceton. After Joe was wheelchair bound, she and he traveled over many
Bruceton streets going to the post office, drug store and dollar store. How she would walk across the
highway for their chicken dinner at the Tiger Mart. How she crossed the highway to pay respects at every
wake and/or funeral at Bruceton Funeral Home. How we could talk on and on about the old families of
Bruceton who moved in and out due to the railroad through the 30’s and 40’s. So many good memories.
Even when she was hospitalized and really confused, the nurses described her as pleasantly confused. She
was never anything but pleasant and kind.
Margie was my precious friend whom I loved very much. We were practically joined at the hip for the
past 5 years and the time was so precious to the two of us. It was a joy, blessing and privilege to assist her
when she became unable to continue her normal life and activities. She was always so appreciative to
each one who helped her in any way, never neglecting to say “thank you”.
She loved everyone and expressed that in actions and words. Margie will be remembered by all who were
fortunate enough to know her as the sweet, kind, Christian lady she was. What a blessing to have my

memories of this beautiful, delightful lady, who was a part of my life for over 80 years. I love you and
will miss you Margie. Till we meet again!
Funeral Services were held Sunday, May 17, at Bruceton Funeral Home. Interment followed in Prospect

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