Trezevant Problem properties discussed

WANTING SOMETHING DONE – Trezevant resident Steve Richardson shows board members a photo of a burnt-out building next to his residence and asks the board to do something about this property during the March 8 meeting.

Trezevant resident Steve Richardson got up close and personal as he addressed the Mayor and Board of Aldermen at their March 8 meeting regarding a fire-destroyed house next door to his property on Hames Street.

“I have to look at a burnt-out building whenever I go out my front door,” said Richardson, who walked right up to board meeting tables to speak to board members face-to-face and showed them a photo of the destroyed building.

Richardson initially stated that the house in question belongs to Dale Nelson, but some aldermen and town employees said they understood that Nelson may have recently sold the property or might be in the process of selling it.

“You gonna do anything about it?” Richardson asked the board.

Town attorney Charlie Trotter said he would add it to his list of problem properties he is trying to get the owners to do something about.

According to Trotter, he is working on a resolution to present to the board for consideration at the April meeting – a resolution, which, if approved, would establish a process and timeline as far as getting these problems addressed.

As Trotter detailed, the process would begin with town employee Mary Jo Hall trying for 30 days to make contact with property owners and get them to voluntarily clean up the property or take other needed actions. If that fails, Trotter said he would send them a formal letter warning of the consequences of failing to take action. And if property owners still haven’t done anything for 30 days after receiving the letter, Trotter said he would file a lawsuit in Chancery Court, which could possibly result in jail time for property owners.

“We’ll ask nicely to start, but once the process starts, we don’t need to stop,” said Trotter, who pointed out that, in the past, the board has been inconsistent when it comes to dealing with owners of condemned properties. “If the Chancellor sticks someone in jail for 10 days, we’ll see something get done.”

Mayor Bobby Blaylock assured Richardson that the town will be working to get the issue resolved, though it may take some time.

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In other business:

•The board unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the town to renew application for a Community Development Block Grant for water/sewer improvements.

•The board gave Police Chief Mike Mulligan the green light to use $8,400 from the Drug Fund to purchase two used police vehicles, including a Crown Victoria and a Dodge Charger, from the Town of Hollow Rock for use by the Trezevant Police Department. The board also voted to kick in $600 from the General Fund.

•Aldermen approved $4,473.84 for the purchase of materials needed to replace a water line on Highway 105. Hall told the board that she is seeking bids to have a contractor install the new water line.

•Board members were advised that they need to submit their department budget proposals by March 18. •It was announced that the seats of three aldermen will be up for re-election in November of this year, including those of Pam Joyner (four years), Lloyd Bateman (two years), and Don Barger (two years). These aldermen were advised that if they are seeking re-election, petitions can be picked up at the Carroll County Election Commission Office, starting on June 20, and must be submitted at that office by Aug. 18 at noon.  

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