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Trezevant officers honored for saving man’s life

Two Trezevant police officers were presented with letters of commendation by Chief Mike Mulligan during the November 12 board meeting for their efforts in saving the life of a Trezevant man following an accidental shooting at his home earlier this year.

As Mulligan detailed, Officers James Patton and Mike Krause went to 220 Crooked Street at around 9:22 p.m. on August 8 after receiving a call about a gunshot victim.

Upon arrival they found Cody Baker, 22, in the kitchen with a gunshot wound to the leg.

“Officers Patton and Krause quickly assessed and understood the gravity of the situation: the gunshot had penetrated the victim’s femoral artery,” wrote Mulligan in his commendation letter. “Without hesitation, [the officers] coordinated with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office for the dispatch of a life flight helicopter, provided pressure to the victim’s wound, and ultimately applied a tourniquet near the injury to restrict blood flow.”

Baker was flown from the scene by helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, where he received emergency care, including a total blood transfusion.

“Doctors’ reports indicate that without the application of a tourniquet at the scene, Mr. Baker would have died within 20 minutes,” wrote Mulligan. “[The officers] quick response, recognition of the severity of the medical emergency, immediate actions and effective application of a tourniquet resulted directly in the saving of the life of Mr. Baker.”

Mulligan noted that, as far as he knows, this is the first time in the history of the Trezevant Police Department that officers have used a tourniquet in a life-saving effort.

Baker, who was present at the board meeting, expressed his appreciation to the officers.

“Another 20 minutes gone by and I wouldn’t be here tonight,” said Baker. “Without their actions, I would’ve been dead on the floor.”

Baker and Mulligan also recognized residents Jacob Decker and Toby Baumgardner, who were there on the scene with Baker before the officers arrived.

“It is my understanding that Mr. Decker’s and Mr. Baumgardner’s actions that night were no less heroic than that of the officers,” said Mulligan. “Their actions before the officers arrived were critical to saving Mr. Baker’s life.”

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