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Trezevant Board full after November 2022 election

FULL SLATE OF ALDERMEN – Trezevant now has a full slate of aldermen serving on its board, something that hasn’t happened in a while, according to the town’s mayor, Bobby Blaylock. Pictured at the first city board meeting of the new year are (from left, clockwise) CIty Recorder Kathy Edwards; aldermen Leon Lyell and Don Barger; alderwoman and vice mayor Pam Joyner; Mayor Blaylock; and aldermen Dan Dieringer and Mark Argo.

By sabrinaBATES

MVP Regional Writer

Although the first meeting of the new year was brief for the Trezevant Board of Mayor and Aldermen, it was an opportunity to celebrate as the town now has a full slate of board members.

Mayor Bobby Blaylock announced it was the first time in a while the city has had a full board. The Nov. 8, 2022, election helped fill vacancies left behind by aldermen who relocated or resigned due to their career paths. The municipal election offered four candidates for three seats on the board. Pam Joyner and Don Barger campaigned to keep their seat on the board of aldermen. Newcomer Dan Dieringer was the third-highest vote-getter and joined the city’s board. Beginning next month, Dieringer will be able to start providing reports on behalf of his assigned department committees.

The elected aldermen were sworn in prior to the board handling its brief agenda Tuesday, Jan. 10, in the Trezevant Community Center. Mayor Blaylock noted the street flooding at an intersection in town now seems to be under control. It was also announced the city received its playground equipment for the park, but work on an amphitheater is halted while the city searches for a contractor. Blaylock said a licensed and insured contractor is in need to complete the project. Anyone interested in building the project is asked to call Trezevant City Hall at 731-669-4831. It was suggested for the city to reach out to a National Guard unit to help with dirt work as it may not cost the city to use the Guard’s services.

Joyner was unanimously chosen to continue in her vice mayor position during Tuesday’s meeting. City Recorder Kathy Edwards said Carroll County has not yet called for 2021 delinquent property taxes, which total $3,489.54 for Trezevant residents. She also reminded aldermen of a requirement for them to complete at least 12 hours of training if they are serving on a utility committee. 

In official board business, the aldermen unanimously passed a resolution adopting Carroll County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan for the next five years. The plan is available for viewing at city hall. This is the county’s roadmap of services and partner agencies in handling large-scale emergencies.

In department reports, the water department noted there were $28,138.13 in delinquent water bills as of Jan. 3, 2023. There were seven disconnects and six reconnects reported in the last month.

The Trezevant Board of Mayor and Aldermen hold its monthly board meeting at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month in the Trezevant Community Center. The next board meeting is slated for Feb. 14.

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