Top Tips for Designing Your Wedding With Style

Trying to bring a distinct sense of style and atmosphere to weddings is challenging but certainly attainable. However, figuring out where to start with the event design is a challenge in itself. To avoid neglecting key décor elements, read these top tips for designing your wedding with style.

Get Creative With the Colors

A color palette is one of the greatest design tools for any event. Working within a distinct palette might sound creatively restraining, but it’s not. Instead, color palettes give you a brilliant collection of colors to play with. For example, if you want to prioritize black and white colors for your wedding décor, mixing both colors on drape displays, tables, and other components creates a striking visual contrast, all while adhering to your theme.

On the other hand, using white to elevate bright navy blue in your venue creates a dynamic visual appearance and a serene, inviting atmosphere. To put it simply, plan your palette and look for fun ways to weave it into the venue. Although this might sound daunting, putting together a great color scheme will become easier once you see which colors complement each other beautifully.

Choose Venues Wisely

One of the top tips for designing your wedding with style is avoiding a venue that lacks style. Of course, you can design around certain flaws, such as setting up pipe and drape displays over an ugly wall.

However, you should consider such details before solidifying the venue. Of course, if your venue is working against your design, that’s a problem. That said, solving design problems creatively with simple touch-ups is still a challenge, but not a major issue. Find a venue that can work with your vision.

Design With Subtlety

Small design details are some of the most important to think about when styling any event, including weddings. For instance, there are many factors to consider when choosing table skirting. Though that might make table skirts sound laborious, the many factors are a benefit because they allow you to tailor the skirting to your specific event, from the size to the opaqueness and beyond.

Suffice it to say; this principle doesn’t only apply to tables. Whether you’re setting up the lighting or the chair arrangement, home in on those subtle details because they make event venues pop.

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