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Top Fashion Accessories for Both Men and Women

Some items are made with men or women in mind. Granted, anyone can buy what they want if they desire it, but there are still certain items geared towards one demographic or the other. Still, there are some top fashion accessories for both men and women that can match any outfit or lifestyle.

A Necklace

First, anyone can wear a necklace. While men may refer to them as “chains” and not necklaces, they serve the same purpose. The point is wearing something around your neck is a fashion staple for many people. Chains and pendants are common fashion accessories in many cultures. You can wear a religious charm, a letter initial, symbol, or just a plain chain. Regardless, they’re meant to illustrate your neck and, evidently, you.

A Leather Belt

Similarly, anyone can wear a belt. Obviously, belts ensure your pants are secured to your body so that they don’t fall. However, belts have also become a trending fashion accessory. With many colors, designs, and sizes to choose from, you’ll find something that speaks to you. This could be a spike-studded leather belt, a plain white belt, or one made from alligator skin. Just make sure you have outfits to match.

A Wallet

Wallets are also excellent fashion accessories for men and women. They’re convenient, safe, and fashionable. Wallets are made to hold your cash, credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, and other important pocket-sized items. Like other accessories, there are different styles to choose from. Bifold, trifold, and minimalist wallets are the most popular, but within these options there are many materials, colors, and sizes. Despite its use to securely hold your money, don’t ignore the fashionable benefits a quality wallet can give you.

A Watch

Finally, men and women can both wear watches. In fact, the use of smartphones and other time-telling devices transformed the watch from a practical device into a fashionable icon. Slim, thick, leather, gold, silver, diamond-encrusted, or wooden-backed, the options are limitless at any price point. Use a watch as a luxury or minimalist staple. Ultimately, a watch—along with the other items on this list—can match any lifestyle it’s used for.

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