Top 4 Night Hunting Safety Tips You Need To Know

Top 4 Night Hunting Safety Tips You Need To Know

Unfortunately, you can’t see in the dark. Limited eyesight means that finding your target is tougher—but you’re not the type to back down from a challenge, are you? If you want to try your hand at night hunting, we have a few suggestions you should follow to ensure safety for yourself and anyone in your group. Read on to learn the top four night hunting safety tips you need to know.

Don’t Hunt Alone

Whether you’re a novice hunter or a seasoned pro, there’s no reason to go hunting alone at night. Predators hunt in packs, and so should you. Otherwise, in the right territory, you may find yourself the hunted. Wolf packs tend to pass on by when they notice a human with a group, but they may feel confident enough to investigate a lone hunter. A buddy can respond to calls for help or get you out of a difficult situation.

Bring a Handgun

A rifle is essential for hunting, but a pistol is necessary for safety. In the event of a predator attack, you’ll want a close-range weapon by your side—not a carbine. When in darkness, you need to prepare for a surprise pounce, and a pistol gives you the safety you require.

Practice Extra Vigilance About Safe Gun Handling

You should always practice safe gun handling, whether the sun is up or down. At night, you need to be even more vigilant. If you’re out in the rough with friends, you don’t want to be cavalier about gun safety and wind up with an accidental gun injury in the dark. Always treat your weapons as if they are ready to shoot, regardless of their state.

Let There Be Light

Are you hoping to bag some predators on your night hunting trip? If so, you should pick up some lighting to flush them out. Once you know how to scan with your light to catch a predator’s eye glare, you can head in the right direction. Lighting gear also ensures you can handle any equipment or tools correctly in the dark.

Now that you understand the top four night hunting safety tips you need to know, follow them and return home in one piece—and have some fun while you’re out!

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