Top 4 Cooking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Top 4 Cooking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

While there are dozens of go-to appliances and utensils in the kitchen, there are also some unique tools that don’t see much use. If you’re looking to solve a few common problems in your kitchen, we have the list for you! Read on to discover the top four cooking tools you didn’t know you needed.

Whisk Wiper

How much batter or icing gets left behind on every whisk? We’re willing to bet that you could enjoy at least five more cookies throughout your life when you add all that batter up! Say goodbye to the tough task of cleaning a whisk and hello to the whisk wiper. Just run your whisk through the wiper and deposit the batter back in your mixing bowl.

Grating Plate

We’ve never understood why you need to grate your ingredients through something and onto a plate. Why not cut out the middleman? A grating plate collects your ingredients on a plate as you grate them, providing an all-in-one solution for an unnecessarily complex process. Plus, it’s one less dish to clean at the end of the cooking process!

Snap ‘n Strainer

Who needs a colander when you have a snap ‘n strainer? This silicone strainer connects to any pot or bowl and lets you drain liquid with one hand. Boil your pasta, snap on the strainer, and tilt! Then, you can add your sauces and other ingredients directly to the pot without needing to pour them back in from your colander.


Tagines have long been a staple of Moroccan culture, and there’s no wonder why. With centuries of history, the tagine has certainly stood the test of time. Its conical lid allows steam to circulate as you cook, creating delicious, moist meals. Whether you’re working with fish, veggies, or meat, a tagine provides delicious variety to your kitchen.

Now that you know the top four cooking tools you didn’t know you needed, enjoy life without messy whisks and pick up your gadgets today!

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