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Top 3 Ideas on How To Clean Out Your Closet

Top 3 Ideas on How To Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning a closet is all about being intentional. If you crack open your closet doors without a plan, we can all but guarantee you’ll still have clutter left behind when you’re done. We have a few ideas on how to clean out your closet effectively, so keep reading!

Take Everything Out

First, pull everything out of your closet. Yes, it’s going to take some time, but you’ll have the best results if you start this way. Once you have an empty closet, it’s time to start thinking about what deserves to go back in. This may sound tedious, but we recommend trying on every piece of clothing. If something doesn’t fit quite right or scream, “You need to keep me,” set it aside.

As you start returning clothes to your closet, consider using a different organizational style than before. If there’s a lot of unused space on your walls, for example, think about setting up extra racks to ensure no space goes to waste.

Use the Six Months Rule

For some clothing pieces, it may not be immediately apparent whether you should keep them. In these cases, we recommend using the “six months rule.” Essentially, you should ask yourself whether you’ve worn the piece in the last six months and whether you think you will wear it in the next six. If the answer to one or both questions is no, that piece is just taking up space.

Go for Staple Pieces

You’ve probably heard about capsule wardrobes—this means you keep your set of clothing minimal, with a bunch of pieces that work well interchangeably. A capsule wardrobe allows you to reduce the number of clothing items in your closet without significantly reducing the number of outfits you have at your disposal.

To start, think about keeping staple pieces (such as jeans, easily matchable tops, and black pumps) while getting rid of anything that’s tough to match with other clothes.

Now that you know the top three ideas on how to clean out your closet, remember that it’s entirely possible to stay stylish without breaking the bank. You don’t need 15 different pairs of jeans to look great—stick with these tips and look great without cluttering your wardrobe.

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