Tips To Increase Your Mobile Home’s Curb Appeal

Tips To Increase Your Mobile Home’s Curb Appeal

When you drive up to your home, do you feel happy, secure, and relaxed? Everyone deserves a home with fantastic curb appeal. And if you live in a mobile home, you need a few specific tips to keep your property beautiful. Follow these tips to increase your mobile home’s curb appeal and create a welcoming place.

1. Keep Plants Fresh

Whether your home is on an expansive property or a small lot, well-maintained plant life is essential in keeping the outside beautiful. While it’s tempting to go all-or-nothing for plants, a little greenery can go a long way. Mow and edge the grass regularly and keep shrubbery in good shape with trimming.

Plant flowers that grow well in your region to add pops of color that require minimal maintenance. You can hang baskets of flowers on shepherds’ hooks to bring plants off the ground and add an extra dimension of visual interest.

2. Update Skirting

Protect the crawl space under your home from animals and the environment with sleek standard vinyl skirting, insulated skirting, or specialty skirting. This tip to increase your mobile home’s curb appeal makes your home more comfortable in a practical way. Skirting regulates your home’s airflow and can help prevent mold from forming.

If your skirting is outdated or damaged, fresh material can do wonders for your home. Cover and protect the underside of your mobile home, giving it a more streamlined appearance.

3. Optimize Lighting

Lastly, use lighting to your advantage. Use LED bulbs to keep your lights working longer and save electricity. Update your front door light fixture to add charm to your entrance.

Consider adding additional lighting for more visibility and style. You can light a pathway with solar path lights. Various lantern styles make it easy for you to customize your lights for your desired look, whether traditional or modern.

Or play with light and shadow with strategically placed spotlights. You can place a couple of spotlights along the side of your home for a dramatic look. Or emphasize specific spaces, such as a deck, with a well-placed spotlight.

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