Tips for Minimizing Product Damage in the Supply Chain

Tips for Minimizing Product Damage in the Supply Chain

If your business is going to be successful, you need a supply chain that can distribute products with as few accidents as possible. Frequent product damage leads to significant expenses, frustrated partners, and safety concerns for the employees in your supply chain. By investing in proper packaging, palletizing, and product storage, you help prevent these issues and keep your products safe. Save money and improve your bottom line with these tips for minimizing product damage in the supply chain.

Perfect Your Stretch Wrapping Game

Broken film is one of the most common causes of product damage. If your stretch film weakens or rips during transit, the entire pallet becomes compromised. Protecting products starts at your warehouse with your packaging line. Improving steps like palletizing and wrapping allows you to establish consistent processes that result in more stable pallets. Better wrapping practices help keep your stretch film from breaking so you can move products safely and confidently through your supply chain.

Maintain Safe Storage Spaces

It’s important to take care of your pallets during transit, but that’s not the only time your products are at risk. Maintaining a safe, proper storage space is one of the biggest tips for minimizing product damage in the supply chain. Make sure your pallet storage areas are clean, dry, and safe. They must also meet the specific demands of your products. For example, ensure cold chain products stay in a secure cooler with closed doors, effective seals, and functional temperature control.

Emphasize Inspections and Quality Control

Your supply chain relies on dozens of different steps and processes, which means it’s easy for small mistakes to occur. However, those small mistakes can turn into major product losses down the line. That’s why quality inspections are a crucial part of your product workflow. Perform thorough quality checks on the pallets that leave your facility.

This will help you find and correct small errors before they put your products at risk. Consistent pallet inspections also help you identify reoccurring problems in your packaging line, which in turn helps you address those issues and eliminate them from your workflow.

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