Tips for Making Your Home’s Exterior Look Better

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When you return home, do you sometimes think your home’s exterior is missing something? Maybe even several somethings? Whether you’re planning to sell your home or just want to give the place a slight upgrade for aesthetic purposes, it’s easier than you think to do so. To help you get started on giving your place a facelift, here are several tips for making your home’s exterior look better.

A Touch of Paint

Never underestimate the power of paint to gussy up or otherwise make an old property look new. And you don’t even have to paint the whole place from top to bottom! Sometimes all an old house needs to look more glamorous is a little bit of paint here and there. If you have the time and resources, give it a full repainting, but otherwise, if the general color hasn’t faded and the old paint isn’t chipping away, add a contrasting color to the trim around the doors, windows, gables, fascia, and eaves. Make the front door a focal point as well with a striking color that complements the rest of the house.

Clean and Decorate the Window Wells

Window what? Window wells are those recessed areas in front of your basement windows. They allow sunlight into the basement; keep out dirt, water, and pests; and provide an escape hatch in case of an emergency. But because they’re so often overlooked, window wells often become overgrown, filled with trash and dirt, and are often left to look dingy and forgotten. Keep your window wells clean and free from leaves, weeds, and the like. Paint the window well wall or add a decorative liner to provide a better view inside and add a few potted plants.

Add Some Green

It never hurts to add some extra bits of nature to your home’s front-face side. Shrubs and bushes, trees and foliage plants, and especially window boxes hosting a panoply of flowering plants add colors, charm, and literal life to the place. A lawn is fine, but a front garden provides more personality and curb appeal that just can’t be beaten. Naturally, so to speak, keep things trim and prevent weeds from overtaking the arrangements. As a suggestion, try to stick with native plants that attract and support birds, bees, and other beneficial wildlife. You can have an entire ecosystem in your front yard!

Blast It!

Still looking for tips to make your home’s exterior look better? Spring for a pressure wash or rent a pressure washer and do it yourself. Blasting off all the dirt, moss, droppings, webs, and stains won’t just make your house look better, it’ll leave you with a terrific feeling of satisfaction overall. Use a mild detergent to clean so you don’t accidentally poison the landscaping, and look around the perimeter to see if there are spaces that need a good scrub or a touch of paint.

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