Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean and Sanitary

Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean and Sanitary

Few things in the restaurant industry are more important than sanitation. A dirty restaurant is both unsightly and unhealthy for customers. Furthermore, a poor health exam can close your doors and force you out of business. That’s why restaurant owners must prioritize cleanliness throughout every part of their business. Maintain good business practices and keep customers coming back with these tips for keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary.

Put Cleaning in the Schedule

If you leave cleaning for the end of the day, it becomes just another item on your closing to-do list. Employees might rush through tasks in their rush to end their shifts and get home. If it was a busy day and employees are running behind, they might not complete some cleaning tasks at all.

Carve out and prioritize time throughout the day to clean. By breaking up your cleaning checklist and tackling jobs throughout the day, you can ensure that no task gets missed.

Implement Contactless Technology

Contactless measures—such as online menus and tableside ordering—can ease pressure on your staff and serve customers more efficiently. These solutions can also improve cleanliness in your restaurant. With QR ordering and other contactless services, you no longer have to worry about passing messy menus between tables or wiping down busy front counters. Contactless solutions also make it easier to follow social distancing measures and keep your restaurant healthy in the face of COVID-19.

Offer Routine Training

Practice makes perfect, but employees who do the same thing every shift for years might form lazy habits or start cutting corners while cleaning. That’s why one of the best tips for keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary is to implement routine, ongoing training programs and practice exams. Annual training courses—even quick online courses—can help promote good habits and keep employees up to date on the best practices, equipment, and more. You can also host larger workshops for a deeper look into why hygiene matters and how you can improve cleanliness in your own establishment.

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