Tips for Improving Flexibility in Your Packaging Line

Tips for Improving Flexibility in Your Packaging Line

Companies rely on secondary packaging to make sure their products reach store shelves in good condition. A successful packaging line packs, stacks, and wraps product loads so that they stay safe as they travel through the supply chain.

This process requires many different steps, including case packing, palletizing, and stretch wrapping. Secondary packaging facilities need fast and flexible processes to make sure each pallet load moves through these stages as efficiently as possible. Boost productivity in your secondary packaging business with these tips for improving flexibility in your packaging line.

Use Versatile Machinery To Consolidate Processes

With so many steps in the packaging process, it helps to consolidate tasks as much as possible. Machinery that can handle multiple packing or wrapping formats helps consolidate workflow into a single efficient line.

There are several secondary packaging solutions that offer this type of versatility. For example, case packers with multiple format settings can pack products into wraparound boxes, tray and film cases, film-only cases, and more.

Moreover, case packers that feature easy changeover processes allow you to switch between these formats with minimal downtime. As a result, you can move different types of products through a single packaging line in less time.

Mobilize Equipment for Greater Flexibility

Mobile solutions are another beneficial investment that can improve flexibility in your packaging line. Robot stretch wrappers, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and other similar solutions can perform crucial packaging tasks throughout your warehouse. Robot wrappers and AGVs move safely and efficiently through your facility. These machines cut down on travel time and help further automate your packaging process so that your workers can focus on other tasks.

Don’t Replace, Re-Allocate

Automatic and semi-automatic equipment solutions are great for performing repetitive tasks with speed, accuracy, and consistency. However, this machinery can never replace your workforce. Instead of cutting back on staff, take advantage of your new equipment by relocating your employees to more advantageous roles throughout the facility.

When machines can handle repetitive and labor-intensive tasks with ease, your workers are free to dedicate their time to more specialized, skill-intensive tasks. After all, secondary packaging equipment is great at doing a single task very well, but humans have the creativity and flexibility necessary to adapt to more complicated roles.

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