Tips for Extending the Life of Your Boat

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Tips for Extending the Life of Your Boat

Boats are investments worth maintaining. Depending on how much action your boat sees, it might sustain lots of wear and tear. This shouldn’t discourage you from getting the most out of your purchase. Instead, it should encourage you to take care of your asset.

Boat maintenance should be a top priority as you prepare for slower seasonal use. The good news is that extending the life of your boat is easy with a few tips and tricks. With the proper TLC, your boat will be in perfect condition for next year.

Take Care of Your Battery

Marine batteries can take a punch. However, they still require a certain kind of maintenance to operate correctly. Since your boat won’t run without a good battery, taking care of it is essential.

Avoid making common marine lithium battery charging mistakes like using the wrong charger. You also need to store the battery in the right conditions—moderate temperatures are your best bet. While regular batteries don’t do well in water, your marine battery needs distilled water to function correctly.

Store Properly During Off-Seasons

Summer is the prime season for boat use. While you can get a few more rides in during autumn, you should start thinking about your winter storage options. Your boat will be in poor condition if you allow dirt and algae to collect during this time.

Indoor storage is best because it keeps your boat dry and protects it from the elements. If you can’t keep it inside, take other protective measures like using shrinkwrap or a boat cover. Make sure to check on your boat periodically and give it a quick clean so that it’s ready for the busy season.

Perfect Your Wax Routine

Did you know you need to wax your boat to maintain its condition? While veteran boat owners understand this necessary step, new boat owners are in for a surprise. You don’t have to apply wax for every use if you can perfect your routine.

Invest in high-quality marine wax to enhance its shine, resilience, and color. This product will trap any lingering dirt and debris, so give your boat a good clean before application. You should also buff your boat’s surface to provide the wax with some texture to hold onto.

Of course, making frequent repairs and keeping things tidy will always extend the life of your boat. When you heed these tips, you’ll get to enjoy your investment for years to come.

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