Tips for Comfortable Concealed Carry While Sitting

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Tips for Comfortable Concealed Carry While Sitting

If you spend a lot of your day behind a desk, behind the wheel, or otherwise seated, you might find concealed carry feels less comfortable than when standing. Making small adjustments to your equipment, clothing, and mindset can solve the problem. Consider these tips for comfortable concealed carry while sitting.

Find the Right Holster Position

If you sit for long periods of time, the right holster position is one that keeps your weapon secure, accessible, and comfortable as you sit. When you consider where to carry your firearm, keep in mind your body type and the size of your gun and accessories.

While many people find inside-the-waistband carry the best position while standing, the firearm can feel uncomfortable and might be hard to draw when you’re seated. Ankle holsters are a practical option if you’re frequently seated because the weapon doesn’t impede your movement and you can draw it easily. Alternatively, you can change the positioning on your waistline, use a thigh holster, or wear a concealed carry shoulder holster.

Adjust Your Outfit

Another tip for making concealed carry more comfortable while sitting is to adjust your outfits. If clothes are too small, they can reveal your weapon or allow printing. Plus, you’ll feel uncomfortable with tight clothes pressing against your firearm.

If you wear oversized clothes, the baggy fabric can prevent you from efficiently drawing your gun. Instead, size your clothes so there’s a reasonable amount of room to accommodate your holster and firearm. In some cases, such as when carrying on the waist, you may need to go up one or two sizes.

Wear a Well-Made Holster

A high-quality holster is an important piece of equipment for everyday concealed carry. Great holsters last a long time and keep your weapon secure.

Choose a holster made with comfortable, durable material. Try out different holsters to find the right option for you.

One of the most popular holster materials is nylon. Nylon holsters are weather-resistant, durable, and they facilitate a quiet draw. The material doesn’t require a break-in period like leather does, and many nylon holsters come with shape-retaining stiffeners.

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