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Tips for Cleaning Your Window Treatments

Our window treatments are essential to maintaining the overall privacy and comfort within our homes. However, they’re also some of the biggest collectors of dust, dander, and allergens circulating throughout our environment. This can reduce the air quality in our homes and even reduce these treatments’ effectiveness and general appearance. Because of this, you must keep these treatments clean to get the most out of them. Try these tips for cleaning your window treatments properly to keep them in great shape for years to come.

Blinds and Shades

Window blinds and shades are very effective at limiting the amount of light you let into your home. Unfortunately, they aren’t as good at keeping out dirt and dust. Over the course of several months, the slats of these window treatments can collect up to several centimeters worth of dust on their surfaces. This can cause their color to become tainted and stains to set-in. So, when cleaning these items, prioritize washing and dusting above all else. For treatments that need thorough cleanings, consider wiping them down with a bit of warm water and mild soap to ensure everything gets removed. For normal maintenance, though, simply wiping the dust away with a glove or hand duster will do the trick.

Interior and Exterior Shutters

Your interior and exterior shutters can also collect significant amounts of dust that will eventually cause them to become discolored and stained. However, unlike shades or blinds, you may need to avoid using water when cleaning shutters and use special solutions to protect them from wood rot. These are among the best ways to clean your indoor plantation shutters, as these treatments aren’t meant to repel large amounts of water like exterior shutters are. Since exterior shutters are built to handle water, cleaning them effectively often involves hosing them down with a fair bit of pressure. This loosens any dirt or grime stuck to the surface and makes these substances easier for you to scrub off. Just be sure not to scrub too hard—this can damage the paint underneath.

Drapes or Curtains

When it comes to discussing tips for cleaning your window treatments, we also must talk about how to care for fabric treatments like curtains and drapes. Because these materials lock dust within their fibers rather than let them sit on the surface, you can’t get a thorough enough clean with a duster. As such, it’s recommended that you vacuum or blow-dry your drapes instead to properly dislodge the dust from the fibers. Remember, though, that if your curtains are stained or soiled, you may need to take them to the dry cleaners to revert them back to their original condition.

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