Tips and Tricks for Planting Trees on Your Property

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Tips and Tricks for Planting Trees on Your Property

Incorporating trees on your land is a fun home improvement project for homeowners looking for a challenge. Trees can positively impact your home by increasing its value and providing shade that reduces your heating and cooling costs.

While it may seem like a big undertaking, there are plenty of ways to optimize the process. Check out these tips and tricks for planting trees on your property.

Prepare the Area

The first tip for planting a tree on your property is to prep the area. Clear away any debris and dig a wide but shallow hole that is 2-3 times the size of the rootball.

After that, there are a few things you’ll need to check before you you settle on a spot. For example, you should test the ground for issues by filling your hole with water and observing how long it takes to drain. This information will be helpful for the rest of the planting process.

Start Small

The truth is that nothing becomes full-grown overnight. As much as you might want that giant tree in your front yard, it’s wiser to start small.

Small trees are typically healthier than fully developed ones because their root systems are still intact. Tall trees usually have roots cut in the transporting process, so short ones have a better chance of thriving.

Consider Location

Certain plants flourish in some areas better than others. For example, it’s best to plant a pecan tree in a southern climate where growing seasons are long.

Your plants can also have a considerable effect on your local animal and insect life, so make sure you’re planting responsibly. Sticking to trees native to your area is best because it ensures that your plant life prospers.

Give It Room

Your tree needs ample space to grow to reach its full potential. Take a good look at your yard and try to imagine your tree at its full height. Are there any power lines in the way? Are there other structures that could block root growth?

You’ve put in a lot of work to plant and care for this new addition. The last thing you want to do is remove it because of space issues.

A good tree offers a cozy aesthetic that is perfect for activities outside of the home. These tips can help add character to any property no matter your skill level. With your new yard additions, you can spruce up your yard and make priceless memories under a canopy you grew yourself.

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