Tips and Tricks for Grilling the Best Barbecue

Tips and Tricks for Grilling the Best Barbecue

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop grilling! Fall weather can be just as pleasant for grilling, if not more. With winter fast approaching, let’s make sure you cook up some of the best barbecue in your life before it’s time to pack up for the season. Here are a few tips and tricks for grilling the best barbecue.

Always Start Fresh

For beginners, one of the most crucial tips for grilling the best barbecue is to always start with a clean grill and utensils. It may not seem like a big deal if a bit of ash or charred remnants of last night’s meal is left over, but this can interfere with and alter the taste of whatever you’re grilling. For example, if you grilled salmon yesterday and didn’t clean your grill, whatever you cook tonight will have a fishy flavor.

Don’t Move the Food Around

A common mistake many people make is moving their food too much while cooking. You ideally should flip your meat only once, and if you notice your food sticking to the grill, just give it a bit of time, and it’ll come unstuck. Furthermore, try not to squeeze or flatten your meat. The burst of flame that it causes is the fat of the meat burning away, and the fat is what makes the meat so flavorful.

Using Cooking Wood

If you really want to give your barbecue that extra “oomph,” you should swap out your charcoal for cooking wood. The kind of wood you use can enhance the flavor and fragrance of your food to be far more enjoyable. For example, mesquite wood makes meat taste and smell much smokier, while apple wood will make your meats taste sweeter.

Keep a Spray Bottle Handy

When your grill flares up, even momentarily, your food can become charred and less enjoyable. To compensate, you should keep a spray bottle on hand to tame the flames. The spray bottle will dampen flare-ups without interfering with the heat of the grill or affecting your food.

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