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Things You Didn’t Know Excavators Could Do

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Things You Didn’t Know Excavators Could Do

You found the site for your dream vacation home. It has incredible views, babbling brooks, and majestic trees—but it also has boulders and thick vegetation that must go before the construction of your new home can begin.

When you have to prepare a difficult site for construction or landscaping, there’s a versatile piece of equipment that can make the task significantly easier—an excavator.

When we think of excavators, digging and moving dirt are typically the first tasks that come to mind. However, these powerful machines offer a range of capabilities beyond digging holes. Explore things you didn’t know excavators could do.


Excavators can come with various attachments to take on demolition tasks. Hydraulic breakers, for instance, can break concrete structures, while shears can cut through steel reinforcements. The precision control of modern excavators allows operators to perform these tasks safely and efficiently, even in densely populated urban environments.

Material Handling

With the right attachment, such as a grapple or a clamshell bucket, an excavator can become an effective material-handling machine. It can lift, move, and place materials like logs, pipes, and even debris. This versatility makes excavators invaluable in industries ranging from construction and forestry to waste management and recycling.

Mounts for Rock Drills

Excavators can also serve as mounts for heavy-duty rock drills. These drills can bore into hard rock to secure structures where it isn’t possible to dig a full foundation.

The ability to attach a mount to an excavator is an important factor in choosing the type of rock drill to use on a construction job. Excavators can provide stability and mobility, allowing for efficient rock drilling in various locations and angles.

Clearing Vegetation

Equipped with a brush cutter attachment, an excavator can clear large areas of vegetation quickly and effectively. This capability is particularly useful in preparing land for construction or controlling the growth of invasive plant species. The reach of the excavator’s arm also allows for safe operation in difficult-to-access areas.

Snow Removal

Mountain residents are no strangers to snowfall, and with the weather getting weirder every year, pretty much any place can be on the receiving end of a heavy winter storm. While snowplows are the traditional choices for snow removal, excavators equipped with snow blades or buckets can finish the job. Their ability to pile snow high and reach tight spots makes them useful in clearing parking lots, driveways, and roads.

Excavators are versatile pieces of equipment. Their ability to carry out a wide range of tasks makes them an invaluable asset in many industries. The next time you see an excavator, remember that there are things you didn’t know they could do that can help you prepare a building site.

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