Things to Consider Before Making Your Garage a Haunted House

Halloween is getting close, which means it’s time to start decorating and partaking in the festivities. To really get into the spirit of Halloween, consider turning your garage into a haunted house. Hang some spiders from the ceiling, add a smoke machine, and play some scary noises—major renovations aren’t necessary, just a few tweaks here and there will make the night scary and fun. There are a few things to consider before making your garage a haunted house and scaring the neighborhood. Check out our list below.

Clear It Out

You want to have the maximum amount of spookiness in your haunted house. As such, you’ll want to remove any large, bulky items that will take up space. If there is anything on the floor that might be a tripping hazard, pick that up as well. Guests will be feeling their way through the dark and won’t be able to see any obstacles—if it’s not there to frighten people, get rid of it.

Black It Out

Cover up any windows or gaps in the door with black tarps or paper. Unwanted light will ruin the experience and reduce the scare factor. Tool benches and storage shelves aren’t very scary so cover them up too by hanging a large tarp from the ceiling, making a temporary wall. Cover up all the junk that you can’t remove so it doesn’t interfere with the effect.

Make Sure It Is Warm

If you live a colder climate that will see a significant drop in temperature at the end of October, make sure your garage is warm. Setting up a killer haunted house and having no one visit it because it’s too cold would be horrible. The best way to ensure everyone has a good time is to insulate your garage. Further, close all the windows and doors to trap any kinetic heat.

Create Blind Corners

Rather than having a big open room, divide up your garage by setting up one or two temporary walls to create blind corners. Now you can set up different scenes and have monsters lurking around the corner, waiting to scare people. This will also create a path for everyone to follow so they can easily find their way out of the house.

Draw Visitors In

Getting people to visit your haunted house is the main goal, and they can’t do so if they aren’t aware it even exists. You want your haunted house to be visible from the street—don’t park any cars in the driveway so it will be visible from the street. Hopefully, seeing it will entice passersby and spark their curiosity. You can also set up some lights or jack-o-lanterns that lead the way to the entrance.

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