They’re rookies no more

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By russellBUSH

It has been a busy fall for an old sportswriter as I have tried to navigate through all the sports that are currently going on. I have not accomplished much as far as covering soccer, volleyball, and cross-country. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about those sports but I can’t be everywhere at once. I have tried my best to keep up with what those sports are accomplishing.

First of soccer and volleyball are only in their second year of existence and both are doing very well as they start district tournaments and region contest. The Fillies volleyball team just finished the regular season with 16 wins and four losses and finished the district tournament with a 17-5 record and as runner-up in the district. Kim Byars was named Coach of the Year and three players made all-district and two more made all-tournament. The Fillies will now advance to the region tournament and the final chapter has yet to be written. The Fillies in just their second year have accomplished a lot and with only two seniors on the squad, have a bright future ahead.

The Fillies soccer team also had great success on the season and enter district tournament play as this edition of the paper hits the newsstands. The Fillies if I’m not wrong are also at the top of the district and will host a first-round game and last year in their first season made the region tournament and I would be willing to guess that this year will see the same result. This is a sport that a lot of girls are taking to and I believe the success that lies ahead for the Fillies is limitless. Lindsey Barnett leads the Fillies as their coach and has a passion for the sport and I see great times ahead.

I could say a lot about cross-country and I have written a lot in the past and they deserve a lot of praise for how well that sport has grown. Colton King is among the best athletes ever at Huntingdon and is one of the best runners in the state. The Fillies cross-country team has finished many times in the top four or better in most of their meets.

A lot of us are at football games and we sometimes miss out on the other sports but these kids are doing great and I wish I could be in more places than one on many a night. For more of my ramblings, check out The Beating Around the Bush Podcast available on Spotify, Apple, Facebook and other places you find your podcast.

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