The Most Interesting Jobs for Thrill-Seekers

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Office jobs aren’t for everyone. Some people need to get out and use their hands to occupy their days. Here are some of the most interesting jobs for thrill-seekers who can’t sit at desks all day long.

Oil and Gas Workers

Working in the oil and gas industry is the perfect job for adrenaline junkies because it’s a high-stakes environment. Workers in this industry have to be laser-focused while drilling to avoid making mistakes. Since things are so high-pressure, these workers must also take a host of safety precautions. Supervisors must train their employees meticulously and provide sufficient lighting to keep them safe.


Who hasn’t dreamt of flying once in their lives? One of the most interesting jobs for thrill-seekers is a pilot, because nothing is more exciting than being thousands of feet in the air. Much like those in the oil and gas industry, pilots have to keep their nerves at bay so that they can remain calm while flying their planes.


Animal-lovers should think about being zookeepers. However, they’d better be ready for their hearts to be pumping the entire time. Zookeepers need training to work with several kinds of animals, but imagine the thrill you’d get from feeding a lion or a bear!

ER Doctors

People who love to hit the books but who also want something different every day should try becoming ER doctors. You never know what you’ll see come through the ER doors, and your heart will be pumping every time you get a new case. However, like the other jobs listed, you need to be laser-focused while on the job.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to sit in an office for eight hours a day. Some people need their schedules to be more exhilarating so that they don’t get burnt out. That’s why these individuals should give one of these professions a try.

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