The Gold Ball has made Christmas brighter

A gold ball for Christmas. What a gift! But it didn’t just come without a lot of hard work.

McKenzie High School Rebel football team gained their first gold football Friday. The guys played an outstanding football game and came away with truly an outstanding outcome against Clay County with the final score being 34 to 14.

The ball sure looked good hoisted high in the air shining under the stadium lights as the late evening turned into night. The game had started at 3 p.m Eastern time.

The team gained the right to play in The Blue Cross Bowl by beating Wayne County, 63 to 0, Moore County, 56 to 21, Fayetteville, 20 to 18 and Memphis MASE 34-0.

A perfect season they’ve had with their current record standing at 15-0, certainly a feat.

Last year the team also played in the championship game against South Pittsburg and wound up with the silver ball. However, the gold ball shines much brighter and gives a more satisfied feeling.

The team this year was loaded with great athletes.

Seniors Jackson Cassidy and Marquez Taylor were the leaders on the team, but there was Zach Aird who could kick the football for a country mile and saved a loss in the Fayetteville game. And don’t forget the defense guys for sure. Tate Surber and Drew Chappell were among those on the line that didn’t allow Clay County to score on the one yard line.

The cheerleaders kept the crowd revved up with their spirited cheers. Cassidy was named the MVP of the game and Coach Wade Comer received the winning coach plaque.

The coaches have done an outstanding job this year.

One more award hopefully awaits being presented to a McKenzie player. That is the Mr. Football award and Cassidy is one of the three nominees. It will be presented Wednesday and he deserves it.

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