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The Dixie’s programming agreement reinstated

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Performances at The Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center, Home of the Hal Holbrook Theatre should start up again this fall..

At the April 27 Town Council meeting council members reinstated the original agreement with Planning Stages, Inc. to work as the talent buyer for the programming entertainment at The Dixie.

Vice Mayor Nina Smothers, who presided in the absence of Mayor Dale Kelley, said the original agreement was signed in March 2020 for a one year time period with an addendum to the agreement signed in August 2020. The addendum suspended the agreement due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the state and The Dixie.

“Plans are being made to resume performances in the fall of 2021 as long as conditions allow Planning Stages’ services to communicate with artists and agents,” said the vice mayor.

Council members granted a request from PUFC Booters Soccer teams for the use of the soccer field at Kelley Sports Complex for practice and games.

Cam Morey, who made the request, said the league will be using the field for practices as well as some games.

Morey said any games played will be on Saturdays and will not interfere with the AYSO schedule.

It was also noted that Public Entity Partners has approved the return of dividends to their members. The town of Huntingdon will receive $30,292.

Certificate approved for Huntingdon Liquor, Inc.

In a separate meeting of the Huntingdon Town Council that immediately followed the first one, a public hearing was held concerning an application filed by Parth Patel, Amita V. Shah, and Malik J. Shah for Huntingdon Liquor, Inc. at 19015 Main Street West. It was for a certificate of good moral character to sell and store for sale at retail alcoholic beverages within the corporate limits of Huntingdon.

Nina Smothers presided over the meeting and noted that Patel, the original owner, was just adding two new partners to the business.

No one from the audience spoke during the hearing.

Public Safety director Walter Smothers confirmed that information furnished by the applicants was true and correct. Town Attorney Robert T. Keeton, Jr. determined that the information provided by the applicants was verified. The review process conducted by Huntingdon Codes Enforcement official Randy Crossett verified the location of the premises of the proposed retail sale of alcoholic beverages as it relates to zoning, adequate facilities which meets the town’s codes and the relationship of same to churches, schools, public parks and public playgrounds as defined by the Huntingdon Municipal Code. Crossett found that the premise is located in a properly zoned district and meets applicable codes and separation from churches, schools, public parks, and public playgrounds.

After noting that the applicants met all the legal requirements, the application for a certificate of good moral character to sell and store for sale of retail alcoholic beverages was granted.

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