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The Different Types of Veterinary Occupations

The Different Types of Veterinary Occupations

Many people want to enter veterinary medicine but don’t know about all the different positions available in the field. Veterinarians may get all the praise, but there are several career paths that are vital for quality animal care.

Maybe you already have an interest in veterinary medicine, or maybe this article will turn you on to the idea. Either way, read about the different types of veterinary occupations so that you can see the true breadth of the field.


Becoming a veterinarian takes years of schooling and dedication. Most people need a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from an accredited college to pursue the career. Veterinarians research, treat, and diagnose animals, ranging from livestock to zoo animals to household pets, all in an effort to improve and prolong an animal’s life. They know how to approach emergencies, surgeries, and accidents. If you decide to become a veterinarian, you’ll improve the lives of animals and pet-owners every day.

Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary technicians are vitally important to the success of the veterinarians with whom they work. They help veterinarians perform medical tests and diagnose injuries or illnesses. They also care for veterinary xray equipment and keep all the testing equipment in working order. They may work in animal hospitals, testing laboratories, zoos, or other places that need the assistance of a veterinary staff.

Laboratory Animal Caretakers

Laboratory animal caretakers play major roles in animal care. They make sure all the equipment on the operating table is sterilized, and during surgery, they hand the tools to the veterinarians. They also monitor animals closely after surgery. Furthermore, animal caretakers administer medication, disinfect kennels, perform laboratory tests, and collect samples. Daily tasks such as feeding, weighing, and bathing animals as well as taking animal temperatures fall under the responsibility of laboratory animal caretakers. Among the different types of veterinary occupations, this one requires the least schooling.

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