The Difference Between Diesel Engines and Gas Engines

Automobile-enthusiasts know that not all engines are the same. Some are better suited for long road trips, while others have superior fuel efficiency. This article describes the differences between diesel engines and gas engines so that drivers can be more informed when they’re purchasing their next ride.


Gas engines have spark plugs, and diesel engines do not. This is one of the most crucial differences between diesel engines and gas engines because it affects how vehicles are started. With gas engines, a fuel/air mixture is created under the hood and then sent to the spark plugs. The spark plugs then send a signal to the car’s transmission so that it can get started. On the other hand, the air/fuel mixture created in a diesel engine combusts on its own. However, it must be noted that extreme heat is needed for the combustion to ignite. Thus, some people who own vehicles with diesel motors have trouble starting them in the winter.

Since combustion works differently for both of the engines, they experience different issues. Folks that own gas-operated automobiles may have to replace their spark plugs if they have difficulty starting their cars. However, diesel engine owners should be on the lookout for symptoms of a bad camshaft sensor. A camshaft and a crankshaft send signals to a car’s computer that allow valves to open so that the air/fuel mixture can start the car. People who notice transmission troubles or poor acceleration should call a mechanic immediately because that could mean the motor isn’t getting the combination of air and fuel that it needs.

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines have better fuel efficiency than gasoline-operated cars because they get more miles per gallon. Although diesel is more expensive, drivers won’t have to stop at the pump as often, so they’ll save considerable money. Who doesn’t want to have more cash in their pockets? Diesel engines also have better torque and can handle heavier loads than traditional automobiles. Thus, there are many advantages to checking out diesel engines.

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